About TBD Casting

Started by two women with over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, TBD Casting is a premier Casting office located in Midtown Manhattan. Founded by Casting Directors Stephanie Yankwitt and Margaret Dunn, whose work in casting spans theatre, film, television, commercials, and web series, TBD is strongly committed to inclusion and diversity of ALL kinds. Their work prioritizes casting every project in a way that truly mirrors the heterogeneity of the real world.

Margaret and Stephanie met over a decade ago when they both worked at Telsey + Co. After leaving Telsey, they worked for a number of smart, formidable female Casting Directors who inspired them to start their own business. They wanted to create a Casting company that would reflect the spirit and sensibility they developed over their years working in this creative, collaborative, and often challenging industry.

Their signature style is to tirelessly work with creative teams to ensure that the creator’s vision of the story unfolds in dynamic and diverse ways. With strong backgrounds in Producing and Dramaturgy, Stephanie and Margaret complement the work of the creative team by fully supporting the process from start to finish with innovative ideas that serve the story in surprising, unexpected ways and manage to subvert the audiences’ expectations.